ADM Z Meet

General meets like cars & coffee and local Friday night drive-ins bring a great variety of automobiles together. One can enjoy a diverse selection of automotive cultures all in one spot. However if you really want to know what fuels these car guys, you need to visit an enthusiast’s event. An event dedicated to a certain theme, make or model where people can share in their common interests and passions. Events like the ADM Z meetimage.

This past Friday the Automobile Driving Museum in El Segundo (ADM) hosted a gathering of Z enthusiasts. A fitting place for a Z meet as El Segundo has been home to many historic race teams like B.R.E and Cunningham racing that gave the Z its foothold in american racing history. image The event was also host to a very special guest, designer of the current iteration in the Z car series, Mr Randy Rodriguezimage The process and amount of effort Nissan and its design teams put into every car they make is truly astounding. Mr Rodriguez’s 370Z design effort alone was herculean. Heres hoping to see many more beautiful creations from this talented designer. Mr Rodriguez also fielded many questions from the audience, even from home town hero and racing legend Mr John Morton. image A great surprise treat. After a few more questions, personal insights and history, we really started to understand what made these enthusiasts tick, but as with any meet, it all boils down to the cars and this meet was no exception.image image image image Time seemed to fly by and before we knew it, it was all over. A big thank you to the ADM, Mr Rodriguez, Mr Morton and all of the Z enthusiasts that made this event possible. I sincerely hope to see more events like this in El Segundo. It was a perfect example of what an enthusiast meet can be. If you are ever in town, make sure to stop by the Automobile Driving Museum, you wont be disappointed.


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