And we are back! Dash Restoration Pt 1

After a long hiatus, Project Natsumi is back.

When I bought her, I was pretty happy with the deal I had got. A straight, running, minimal/surface rust Z for a few grand. But there was one glaring issue. She was missing a dash.

Thinking that sourcing a replacement would be a simple matter, I paid, and brought her home. It wasn’t until I started looking did I find out that finding a dash that didn’t resemble the grand canyon was one of the hardest and priciest Z parts to find.

Just like the body lines, the dash is one of the most notable features of the Z. Its contoured vinyl shape, and triple center gauges gives the cockpit that unmistakable Z feel. And with subtle changes from the series 1 to 2, finding the right year dash was proving difficult.

After months of scouring ebay, craigslist and various junkyards, I was about the throw in the towel and purchase a reproduction dash for 2500 bucks (more than what i paid for the car), until I came across a dash for sale at a much much lower price. The only problem was that it was clear across the country…


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