JCCS 2012

Another year, another JCCS. For those unfamiliar with the show, every year some of the best classic Japanese rides from all over the country gather at the Queen Mary in Long Beach CA to celebrate these cars and the people who keep them on the road.

This year marks the 8th running of the event and the selection of cars was as hot as the weather. Temps were in the high 90’s but unlike the Niseiweek showoff car show, where the concrete parking lot acted like a skillet, we had a cool breeze off the harbor to help a little. Still shade was a precious commodity.

Though for some, the heat was of no consequence. My girlfriend and official Grand Touring photographer took this picture of this very cute little J-Tin fan. Goes to show that gearheads come in all shapes and sizes. Her father was so proud of her.

The 510 community were out in force this year with many great examples.

With its well documented install procedure and huge aftermarket, the SR20 has become a very popular swap popping up in many 510 bays…

…though the VG V6 has been growing in popularity.

A new and welcome face to the show were the guys from JDM Legends.

I was surprised to see their SA22 RX7 completed and down at the show. I had been following it on their site and from their last update it looked like it was a ways away from being done. Eric of JDM Legends was telling me that they were still applying the decals and finishing touches as it was being loaded on to the trailer.

Amazing work and kudos to the guys at JDM legends. Hope to see them again next year with even more amazing cars from the land of the rising sun. (I sure did have my eye on that white Hakosuka)

Now to a regular at JCCS, the Japanese Nostalgic Car Magazine guys. Joining them this year was Jun Imai, designer of the JDM line of Hot wheels cars. This year in what I believe was a collaboration effort was their beautiful 510 wagon.

The use of off white accents on that mint green paint really works well with the 510’s lines giving that retro race car look. Maybe we will see a little Hot wheels version so I can keep one on my desk.

This year also marks the 103 birthday of the man whom to many believe is the reason this show and community exist, Mr Yutaka Katayama or as he is known in the car world Mr. K. Every year his old yellow Z make an appearance.

A happy birthday banner was being signed by all who attended to send to Mr K back in Japan. As a Z owner myself I just want to say happy birthday to you Mr. K . Thank you for all your hard work to bring the Z to America and how you forever changed how we view Japanese cars.

Last but certainly not least were the Datsun roadsters.

“She who must be obeyed” is a big fan of these little roadsters. I hope to build her one like this to take on nice trips up the coast.

though i will have to be careful so it doesn’t end up a cone-dodger like these

Once again JCCS has proven to be a show not to miss. A big thank you to the organizers who make this great show happen every year. Also thank you to all the great car communities because without you none of this would be possible. If you only see a few shows this year make sure you make this one of them. You wont be disappointed.

Oh and sorry about the lack of updates. Things have been crazy lately but hopefully it will all get back on track soon with more regular updates and the latest news on Project Natsumi. Stay tuned.


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