Eagle Rock Datsun/Nippon swap meet pt 2

After combing through vendor section it was time to hit the car show section to check out all the great classics that had gathered.

While the main attraction for many is the swap meet, the car show has grown in it own right and has become a great showing of the japanese classic car community.

The benifit of getting there early not only lets you get first crack at parts but lets you watch as the cars rolled in to their spots. (Thanks for jumping in my photo Mr shades…)

The classic Datsun roadster, so pretty it brings tears to your eyes.

The R Power rotary guys were well represented.

All their cars were immaculate.

This black 510 was getting quite a bit of attention…

Not hard to see why with such attention to detail and craftsmanship.

Hello kitty

Surely a build of this magnitude must call the track its home right? Nope. According to the owner this car probably will never see the track as it was built as a street machine. A true race car for the streets.

Another 510, a little more subdued than the previous one.

Looking great with a carbon fiber hood and enkei 92’s

Datsun orange on gun metal watanabe’s, a classic combo.

Datsun orange and SR’s, also a great combo.

As the meet went on cars came and left. Manage to snag a pic of this S30 before it left. Stroker motor, fender flares, fender mirrors, and numerous other parts you would see on tuned Fairlady Z’s in Japan. Sounded amazing. (note to self,get triple Mikuni carbs!)

Having got all the parts I needed and seen the car show, we decided to head on home, but not until we snagged one last pic.

Even with the park bench/front bumper this 280Z looked great.

That will do it for the Eagle Rock Datsun swap meet and car show. Thank you to all the people who organized this meet. Hope to see this meet continue on for years to come.


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