Eagle Rock Datsun/Nippon swap meet pt 1

With the start of the summer season comes events, events, and more events. While wanting to go to as many events as possible, I know that finding the balance point is conducive to my relationship/bodily health (haha just kidding babe… not really…  help…). As such I have had to pick between overlapping/same weekend events. Usually its not too bad but sometimes its like choosing between steak and lobster and theres no surf and turf entrée. Case in point this weekend two great events were happening, Mitsubishi Owners Day and Eagle Rock Datsun/Nippon swap meet. While I had never been to MOD, a good friend gave the event high marks but wanting to avoid having to sleep out in the dog house I decided to go with what i know, the Eagle Rock swap meet.

Now for the most part Project Natsumi has come along nicely. When I purchased her she was mostly intact, meaning she wasn’t missing any glaringly obvious parts but ask anyone working on these old cars and they will tell you that when you find that you are missing a part its always the hardest to find piece of unobtainium. Luckily fellow enthusiast are always willing to lend a spare…for a price.

The turn out of parts the vendors scrounged up was impressive. A veritable buffet of classic components.

Need a new steering wheel?

Cylinder head?

Perhaps just the latest issue of your favorite Japanese publication.

No matter what you were looking for, the eagle rock swap meet was sure not to disappoint. I have to admit that I did have my eye on these watanabes…

but held out for something a bit more special I had in mind…

That will do it for the swap meet side of things. Stay tuned for part 2 on cars of this great meet.


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