Gotta stop before you can walk Pt 2

Saturday finally rolled around and it was time to get to work. Since I was replacing the whole master assembly I needed to bench bleed it before I threw it back on. Earlier in the week I picked up a bleed kit but unfortunately the Z’s master is a bit different than what the bleed kit was designed for. So with a little Macgyver’ing i was able to put something together that would work (also saved a bus full of nuns with a paper clip and a “Beegee’s Gold” 8 track)



With the kit sorted I got to work on bleeding it.


A lot of people will say that bench bleeding the master cylinder takes a long time to get all the air out but it took me all of 3 minutes to get the lines to run clear. I guess your mileage may vary.

Bleeding the master was the easy part, getting the damn thing on was a pain in the neck. With the hard lines and mounting threads in the way, I had to be careful not to tweak the lines or face having to run new ones (not cheap). By some divine grace I managed to mount it to booster without bending anything and got started threading in the hard lines.

Now if any of you have ever done this install before you understand how important it is not to spill the brake fluid on the car. This stuff will eat straight through the paint down to the nice shiny metal underneath. Luckily for me the old master cylinder kindly took care of that and sprayed brake fluid all over the frame rails(meh I was looking to repaint anyways). 

With any anxiety of spilled fluid out of the way the lines were a cinch and a (relatively) quick caliper bleed later I was all done.



With the old master cylinder a little warning light would remind me about my impending date with a lamp post but with the new one in the fates seem to be appeased. Now I just have to take care of the hundred other way this car is trying to kill me…


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