Gotta stop before you can walk Pt 1

Like I said in the last post, Natsumi has a long road ahead of her. When I purchased her I had a hell of a time driving her home. She ran well enough but getting her to stop was the real issue. Try to stop and the brake peddle proceeded to plant itself on the floor. Driving her 40 miles back home in stop and go traffic will be one adventure I wont soon forget.

Finally getting some time to diagnose the braking issues, it turns out the master cylinder had gave up the ghost. With busted check valve assemblies, scored walls and a stuck piston it was time for a new one. 

Wanting to go with a conservative resto-mod and using as many oem parts as possible, I called up West Covina Nissan and ordered up a new tokico master and rebuild kit (bound to need one and stock are running out). A few days and 200 dollars later I had two little boxes waiting at my door.



 Since I got them mid week and my girlfriend not liking me working on the car late at night I had to wait for the weekend to install. It was a long rest of the week.


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