Introducing Project Natsumi. Grand Touring’s very own car build and original inspiration for this site. A 1971 Datsun 240Z.

I originally purchased this car with the idea of building a street demon. Wide wheels, fender flares, G nose front end, RB26DETT swap, etc, the whole nine yards. Then something weird happened while working on her, I began to appreciate her stock lines and simple straightforward design. Dont get me wrong, this car has been my dream car since i was little (A Datsun? Yeah I was a weird kid) but having watched more than my fair share of Best motoring and Hot Version videos, i thought that all 240Z’s must be built like this. It was then that I realized that this wouldn’t be a car I could enjoy well into my twilight years. It was back to the drawing board to really think about what i wanted from this car. 

Building a race car wasn’t what I wanted, well at least not for this car, but a car that could canyon carve and be civilized enough to take my girlfriend on a nice drive up the PCH (Pacific Coast Highway for all you non-cali folks). I decided that i would stick with her classic design and bring out her Grand Touring roots.

She has a long road ahead of her but i hope to get her back in tip top shape while sharing her story with you guys.  

Oh and her name comes from the Japanese kanji writing of the phrase “Summer Beauty”. Having been born on a July summers day in Japan, i thought the name would be rather fitting.  


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